7 Before 2017

7 Before 2017


What a year! Is it December already? Time flies!

I just had a birthday to past in November. Getting a year older makes you think. Where has the time gone? What am I doing with my life? Why haven’t I accomplished more? Where am I going?

I want so much more out of my years than what I’ve been getting out. I can’t get back the time I’ve wasted but I can make the time I have left more productive, fun, and fulfilling. That is my goal. So to start out, I am doing a few things.


Prior to setting out on this journey of goals for 2017, I did some research. I wanted to see what I planned to do for 2016 but never got around to doing. I went into my Google Drive and found a list. The list was from 2015! Gosh! I haven’t set goals since 2015. To add injury to insult, the goals were not accomplished. Untouched! I did however, set goals for 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. So, now the question is: What are you going to do about it?



I did not want to go about setting my goals the same way. There had to be more thought put into these goals. There had to be some meaning. Something logical behind the things I wanted to obtain. I was on Instagram when I saw this WONDERFUL challenge. It is called Design Your Destiny. It is hosted by Kimberly at Sublime Reflection. In four weeks you design what you want your life to look like in 2017. I was sold. I am in the middle of this challenge and it is helping me logically think about what happened last year and where I want to go this year.



I didn’t want to end the year not feeling accomplished. To kick start 2017, I came up with 7 goals to reach before entering into the new year. I wanted to give myself some little wins in order to motivate myself as I move forward. The seven goals are tied to areas of my life that I would like to improve. As a side note: I am looking forward to reading The Miracle Morning by  Hal Elrod to learn more about the Level 10 Life. This is the page I did for my bujo to remind me of my 7 goals.


Soon after I created the page, I wanted to put a tracker on the actual page to see my progress. So, I went back with my trusty Sharpie pen, and added boxes.


What are you doing to wrap up 2016?


Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

I was inspired by this daily prompt: Learning

This is what I do. I am an educator by trade. I fell into the profession after college. Seems like I have a knack for it. What I have learned from my years in the classroom is that we are constantly learning to to learn. When I began, I thought it was about teaching but can we honestly teach? I recently read a quote, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” After years of frustration, I found this quote to be true. I can only change the way people think. I just happen to change the way teenagers think about math.  With that in mind, I had to change my approach. It was my job to learn the way they learned. Did they learn visually, tactically, orally, etc? Once I knew that, I could change my approach to breakdown the barrier.

I had to open their mind to learning. Ultimately, I was more in the business of changing their thinking. It wasn’t about my subject matter. I could careless about it to be honest. In reality, over half of them wouldn’t be using what I was “teaching” in their careers. Wow! I know! What teacher talks like that? But if I could change the way they thought…how much more powerful. Change the thinking is way more powerful than 2+2 =4. If I change their thinking, they can change their friends thinking, their children’s thinking, their grandchildren’s thinking. See how the reach goes farther than 2+2?

So, how do you change thinking? You learn. I had to change how I learned to help them. I had to change the way I learned when I moved into my new role. Adults are a new beast. Adult learning? Changing the thinking of someone who knows it all. (or so they think) “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford it the man. Learning is continuous. If you don’t continue to learn new things you get old. You get stuck. You limit what you can do, be that in your career, relationships, hobbies, etc. I never want to get old. I don’t want to stop learning. Technology is helping with this. It is helping me to learn how to learn because I am learning differently.

Personally, I love learning. It’s the heartbeat of my day. Learning something new be it on my phone or computer or about someone makes my day more satisfying. Another day of not getting old. I mean really, who wants to get “old”.

The Dutch Door Experiment

The Dutch Door Experiment

The Bullet Journal (bujo) has been a trend that I have been toying with for months now. I just wholeheartedly starting using the system this month. Needless to say, I am in love. Once I catch hold to something I’m a dog with a bone. I have been all over the web looking at bujos. There numerous techniques out there to try. The one thing I LOVE about the bujo is that it’s all about you. You customize it to fit you and your style. I’m not really artsy (I desire to be) so there are not a lot of doodles and drawing in my journal but I believe in color. The more the better! I digress. My newest technique that I can’t wait to try is the dutch door. I’d seen it briefly before in a IG post but never really thought anything of it until I read this post from christina77star. I am totally inspired! I will be using the vertical dutch door in my September set up. Stay tuned.

To Tatt or Not To Tatt

To Tatt or Not To Tatt

Tattoos use to be for soldiers, bikers, and creative rebels. Today tattoos are common place. Kids are getting tattoos before they even leave high school. WOW! This tweet inspired me today.

So now I’m on my soap box about tattoos. I love tattoos! It wasn’t until I got my own tattoos that I realized they are addictive. The professional world feels that tattoos are taboo. They are not professional. At this point they are so common place, I don’t think they know what they’re doing when they don’t want people with visible tattoos. Your going to pass up someone who is perfect for your company because there are some praying hands on his forearm.  But, a less qualified person can have the position because they look the part. Doesn’t sound business smart to me. Personally, I wanted to be strategic about where I placed my tattoos. Some of my tattoos are visible. However, at anytime, if my employer decides they do not want them visible, I can cover them up. I feel that this is the way to be with tattoos. Until corporate America gets totally comfortable with ink, young people should be advised. We should let them know that ink is okay. However, until they are definite in what they want to do, ink should be placed in places that if your employer says they should be covered, they can cover them up. Might want to rethink those tears coming down your eye.

I played sports so tattoos are like a turn on for me. It’s nothing like seeing a set of well chiseled arms with ink on them. YUM! Or chest for that matter. I digress. Tattoos are not taboo. They are beautiful works of art that tell a story. There is deep emotional connections for a person and their ink. Ink tells a story for people. They could have just come through a great trial or had a wonderful experience that they want to share with the world via a tattoo.

Here is my favorite tattoo thus far, one of my favorite scriptures  in the Bible. It’s a daily reminder to me of what I should do. The location on my wrist allows easy cover up with a shirt or cuff.  The underside of my wrist has the Asian symbol for desire. The two are connected by circles to give the feel of a bracelet.I LOVE IT!


What is your take on tattoos in the work place? What’s your favorite tattoo? Comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome to Logical Deesign!

Welcome to Logical Deesign!

Hi! I’m Dee. This blog is a mash up of what makes Dee. A single mom of 2 trying to make sense of the world. I do a little of everything seems like. I’m learning to scrapbook and bullet journal. I love to read and learn. I want to share my journey with you as I figure it all out. I look forward to taking you on this adventure. Won’t you come with me?