To Tatt or Not To Tatt

To Tatt or Not To Tatt

Tattoos use to be for soldiers, bikers, and creative rebels. Today tattoos are common place. Kids are getting tattoos before they even leave high school. WOW! This tweet inspired me today.

So now I’m on my soap box about tattoos. I love tattoos! It wasn’t until I got my own tattoos that I realized they are addictive. The professional world feels that tattoos are taboo. They are not professional. At this point they are so common place, I don’t think they know what they’re doing when they don’t want people with visible tattoos. Your going to pass up someone who is perfect for your company because there are some praying hands on his forearm.  But, a less qualified person can have the position because they look the part. Doesn’t sound business smart to me. Personally, I wanted to be strategic about where I placed my tattoos. Some of my tattoos are visible. However, at anytime, if my employer decides they do not want them visible, I can cover them up. I feel that this is the way to be with tattoos. Until corporate America gets totally comfortable with ink, young people should be advised. We should let them know that ink is okay. However, until they are definite in what they want to do, ink should be placed in places that if your employer says they should be covered, they can cover them up. Might want to rethink those tears coming down your eye.

I played sports so tattoos are like a turn on for me. It’s nothing like seeing a set of well chiseled arms with ink on them. YUM! Or chest for that matter. I digress. Tattoos are not taboo. They are beautiful works of art that tell a story. There is deep emotional connections for a person and their ink. Ink tells a story for people. They could have just come through a great trial or had a wonderful experience that they want to share with the world via a tattoo.

Here is my favorite tattoo thus far, one of my favorite scriptures  in the Bible. It’s a daily reminder to me of what I should do. The location on my wrist allows easy cover up with a shirt or cuff.  The underside of my wrist has the Asian symbol for desire. The two are connected by circles to give the feel of a bracelet.I LOVE IT!


What is your take on tattoos in the work place? What’s your favorite tattoo? Comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.